Why FoldSmart?

✔ no tools needed

✔ No glue required

✔ Super simple assembly

✔ Less components

✔ designed in the uk

✔ No screws for assembly

✔ up to 10x faster 

✔ Sleek modern designs

✔ simple disassembly

✔ Bedroom in under 1 hour


It is clear, that with a bit of love, and some great design, we can make something that just works better for everyone. For people who don't want to waste their weekends with an allen key, unclear instructions and hundreds of fiddly parts. For people who needed to move home occasionally, and just anyone who like's nice furniture.

After working in people's homes for years as carpenters and builders, we are all too familiar with the shortcomings of traditional flat-packed furniture, and the cost and impracticality of higher quality pieces. That's when we created FoldSmart, the ingenious answer to the woes of traditional flat-pack furniture.